Overview: 10 Steps to Success

The purpose of Refreshing Recess program is to create a positive recess experience by providing the recess staff and students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources needed to sustain a positive recess environment throughout the school year.

Who should implement the program? The Refreshing Recess program was developed to be implemented by the school occupational therapist. The role of occupational therapists for this program is one of change agent and educational enhancer – to assist recess supervisors and students in learning how to promote a positive recess experience for all students. Everyone has a right to enjoy taking a break, playing and socializing during recess. If an occupational therapist is not available, however, other school staff may implement the program (e.g. PE teacher, health educator, physical therapist, school counselor).

In order to implement this program successfully, the 10 steps to success listed on the left are suggested to help you gear up for and provide the program from start to finish.

Based on our experience, there are 3 major phases involved in providing this program:

  • Gearing up to start the program (Steps 1 through 6; should take 2-4 weeks). This involves the OT and other committed staff reading about recess best practices, meeting relevant stakeholders (recess supervisors), developing a plan of action (e.g. beginning with one grade level), obtaining principal support, and selling/marketing the program to the school.
  • Doing it (Steps 7 and 8). Each of the 6 weeks has themed activities and instructions for implementation.
  • Sustaining the results and expanding to other grades in the school (Steps 9 and 10).

Let’s get started! Click each step on the left to read the specific instructions and access supporting materials.