Sell the Program

After the principal has given an official approval to implement the Refreshing Recess program, it is important to let the relevant recess supervisors, teachers, students and parents know about the program and the start date. Ideally, it is good to get the word out about the program about 2 weeks ahead of time so that participants can become aware of what will take place and look forward to participating in the program.

Action steps:

  1. Start talking about it... to everyone who will be involved in the program! Let teachers, recess supervisors, students and parents know when the program will begin;
  2. Share information about the program. Give recess supervisors and teachers a copy of the Refreshing Recess Information Brief;
  3. Encourage teachers to talk about the Refreshing Recess program to their students a couple times during the weeks leading up to the program in order to generate student interest and enthusiasm. Have them hang up the Refreshing Recess Poster in their classroom or in the hallway;
  4. Share the Refreshing Recess Marketing Flyer with the students to take home to their parents. Encourage students to tell their parents about the program.