Kick off the Program

We recommend meeting with the recess supervisors and orienting them to the Refreshing Recess program the week before the 6-week program begins. This will provide the recess supervisors with foundation information about what will be taking place and how they will be involved.

Orientation Action Steps:

  1. Collaborate with the principal and recess supervisors to schedule a 1 hour orientation session at a mutually agreed upon time. Since supervisors work during the middle of the school day, this session will most likely occur either before or after recess. Make sure to include all relevant stakeholders if possible, including classroom teachers, physical therapists, PE teachers, and other school personnel that assist during recess. Encourage the principal to attend.
  2. Orientation Session. The purpose is to share information about the vision, guiding principles, and weekly themes of the program using the Refreshing Recess Power Point presentation. Try and keep the presentation to about 20 minutes to ensure there is time to lead a discussion with the supervisors about what their greatest challenges and needs are related to outdoor and indoor recess. Briefly summarize your observation and Environmental Analysis finding. Begin to problem-solve solutions to challenges. Review the behavioral expectations listed on the Refreshing Recess Poster and Refreshing Recess bookmark. In our experience implementing the program in multiple schools, issues related to behavioral issues and opportunities for enjoyable play activities seem to be common concerns. Suggestion: Give the recess supervisors a folder with a copy of the Power Point presentation and bookmark. Encourage them to use the folder to hold all of the subsequent handouts that will be provided each week.

Communicate your role as the OT Coach - to help the recess supervisors be effective in and enjoy doing their jobs. An effective coach:

  • Develops a positive relationships with the supervisors based on trust
  • Promotes two-way sharing of information
  • Demonstrates positive unconditional regard for the recess supervisors – they are experts about themselves and their experiences
  • Is a facilitator of the change process involving problem-solving, exploring options, trying things out, working together and maintaining a positive attitude. You are in this together!