Do It Again!

Now that the Refreshing Recess program has been implemented with one grade level, replicating the program with other grades will require less time and effort. Because this program is designed to be a whole school initiative, it's important to implement it with as many grade levels as possible. With each replication, the vision, guiding principles and weekly themes will become a natural part of the recess culture that will spread to all of the grades.

Action step:

  1. The occupational therapist(s) and/or other implementers should meet to decide what grade level to implement the program in next and establish a timeline for when to start the program. Follow the '10 Steps to Success' to the extent needed. However, it is likely that the process can be streamlined the 2nd and 3rd times around!
  2. Spread and share the joy! Make sure to highlight successes during morning announcements and in school newsletters or on the school website.