Just do it: The 6 Week Program Detail

Now that you've reviewed the 'Ten steps to success' materials and implemented Steps 1-7, you're ready to begin the program!

Make sure to complete the Recess Orientation Session with the recess supervisors and principal the week before beginning the 6-week program!

For each of the weekly tabs on the left, you will obtain:

  • An overview of the theme of the week and goals
  • Weekly Lesson Plan with detailed instructions for what to do before and during the session
  • Links to the supporting materials, including bookmarks, posters, handouts, and reputable websites


  • Be creative! The weekly themes and lesson plans were developed based on the Vision Statement and Guiding Principles. Use these materials to guide your implementation. Feel free to be creative and implement the program in a way that uniquely 'fits' your setting and the age group. Modify activities as needed.
  • Access and read the supporting materials to develop your knowledge about the theme and obtain activity ideas.
  • Get more ideas by visiting the Every Moment Counts Pintrest site!
  • Have fun implementing the program! Spread the joy!

Tip: Try to avoid handing out all materials at initial meeting. This may lead to information overload of those involved. Staggering materials over the 6 weeks will allow recess supervisors time to take in all the information.