After School Leisure Videos

Participation in out-of-school structured leisure activities is associated with positive outcomes including improvements in academic achievement as well as personal (identity and skill development) and interpersonal development (social skills and friendships). Children/youth with disabilities may not have the same opportunities to participate in out-of-school activities.

OT Leisure Coaching. Occupational therapists (OT) can be instrumental in helping children and youth with disabilities explore potential leisure activities and provide the necessary supports to successfully participate (e.g. adapt entry into the activity; modify the activity; educate the activity director; etc.).

Watch the three videos in this section to see how OTs have helped youth with disabilities explore potential hobbies and interests, identify community-based options, and successfully participate in recreation and leisure activities.

Participating in out-of-school enjoyable hobbies and interests help youth with disabilities develop important life skills, make friends and enjoy life! Parents see that their children can be successful and happy engaging in community-sponsored activities and become confident in encouraging further participation.