OT Small Group on Mental Health Literacy

Promoting Positive Mental Health Using Embedded Strategies: Here's What an Occupational Therapist Says About It!

This short video depicts occupational therapist (OT), Lezlie Fahl Kinder, OTR/L, leading a small activity-based group focusing on social emotional learning and mental health literacy. Students with disabilities learn about positive mental health (feeling good emotionally and doing well in everyday activities) and how to take care of their mental health. Using visual supports to help students understand and identify their sensory and emotional states the OT teaches strategies for self-regulation using purposeful and enjoyable activity. Students learn and practice sensory based calming strategies such as giving deep pressure through top of head, through pushing hands together; or using the pose 'turn the ball' and other relaxation poses which help us to become calm and control our excitement or emotions.

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