Mental Health Literacy: Information And Coloring Sheets

"I will try to create more happiness and less unhappiness in the world around me." (Action for Happiness pledge at

Mental health literacy refers to having a working knowledge about mental health – what it is and how to take care of it. Refer to the Talk About Mental Health, Moments for Mental Health tab for simple suggestions. Come up with creative ways to teach students about positive mental health and the mental health continuum during the school day.

Downloadable handout materials: Click the colored links below to download the coloring sheet or handout.

Primary grades: Coloring and handwriting sheets focusing on positive mental health, character strengths, coping strategies, etc.

  • Growing Powerful coloring sheet. Have children color this sheet. Use this coloring sheet as a tool to talk with students about what they can do to take care of their mental health (i.e. feel good emotionally and do well functionally) such as: doing healthy and enjoyable activities, getting enough rest and exercise, talking about their feelings, etc.
  • Powering Up to Happiness Striker reading and handwriting sheet. Use this sheet to talk about what 'appiness' is – that when we feel happy, we are mentally healthy. Help them realize that they can control their feelings of happiness by what they do (doing activities they find enjoyable, getting enough rest) and how they think (thinking positive, stopping negative thoughts).
  • Happiness Striker coloring sheet. Review things that students can do on the Happiness Striker to be mentally healthy. During the day, have them take out this sheet and color in the section representing what they’ve done.
  • Power to Control Anger and Fear handwriting sheets. Teach students that coping with challenging emotions like fear and anger is a normal part of life. All people go through challenges, big and small, and need to learn how to deal with them. Use these handwriting sheets to help students learn about the feelings of anger and fear and things they can do to help them cope.

Apps for Mental Health Promotion: Click here for a handout on iPad and iPhone Apps for mental health promotion.

Books to read: Click here for a list of books to read about mental health promotion.

Elelmentary and middle school: Have students read information about positive mental health.

  • What is Mental Health information sheet. Have students read and discuss the contents of this information sheet to begin teaching them about mental health as a positive state of functioning. Have them tune into their own mental health.
  • How to Take Care of Your Mental Health information sheet. Have students read and discuss the contents of this information sheet. Encourage them to identify ways in which they can take care of and improve their mental health.
  • School Staff Tips for Promoting Mental Health information sheet. Pass these out in the teacher lounge or in team meetings to raise awareness about positive mental health and what school staff can do to promote mental well-being.

User-friendly website resources about positive mental health: