Calm Moments Cards

Each of the 17 Calm Moments Cards are located below. The following user-friendly information is included on each card:

  • Situational Stressor (e.g. Test Taking)
  • Triggers – possible causes of stress and anxiety related to the situation (e.g. student has difficulty reading directions on test)
  • Thinking Strategies (Student Positive Affirmations, Positive Adult Responses, Activities)
  • Focusing & Calming Strategies (Movement Poses & Breathing, Activities)
  • Sensory Strategies (touch, taste, movement, visual, and smells that may be calming)
  • Teaching Moment (Simple evidence-based explanations supporting the use of the activities and strategies listed on the card)

Note: Refer to the Appendices tab for specific content referenced on the cards including activities, movement and breathings instructions, teaching moments and references.

17 Calm Moments Cards (click the link below to download the card)

Start of the Day
Test Taking
Transitioning Between Subjects
Transitioning Between Classrooms
Using the Restroom
Playing at Recess
Returning from Recess
Participating in Physical Education
Eating in the Cafeteria
Participating in Assemblies
Participating in Art
Participating in Music
Writing/Completing Work
Emergency Situations
End of the Day Routine
Participating in Parties or School Events
Completing Homework