Tier Three: Individualized / Intensive, those identified with Mental Health challenges

Triangle Tier Three - sm

Intensive interventions (Tier 3) are provided for children and youth with identified mental health disorders that limit participation and functioning throughout the school day. Intervention at this level is often dependent on the specific mental health problem and a formal diagnosis. In addition to diminishing problems at this level, it is critical to also focus on optimizing positive mental health. All school personnel under the leadership of professionals with a background in mental health (e.g. school psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, school nurses) can embed tier 3 interventions into everyday school experiences.

It is critical that a systems perspective be adopted because children and youth often benefit from supports and services that are intensive and provided by multiple systems in the community. Systems of care approaches provide a framework for youth, families, schools, and community partners to provide individualized services and supports that help children and youth with serious emotional disturbances and their families achieve their desired goals.16

What you can do: Collaborate with relevant mental health providers and school personnel to modify expectations to help the child/youth function successfully in all school contexts. Provide ways to modify or enhance school routines to reduce stress and the likelihood of behavioral outbursts or withdrawal from participation. Promote the development of individual interests by exploring extracurricular activities and providing the necessary supports to enhance successful participation.