Vision Statement and Guiding Principles

Vision Statement: Our school will provide pleasant and positive mealtimes so that all students will enjoy eating food and socializing with friends and adults.

Guiding Principles (based on current literature – see Annotated Bibliography):

  1. Create a positive mealtime environment, which includes having adequate time to eat (20 minutes of sit down time) and a cafeteria that is comfortable, attractive, clean and safe (i.e. bully free).
  2. Provide recess before lunch. Studies indicate that students are more relaxed, better behaved, and eat more of their lunch when recess occurs prior to eating. Teachers report better student attention and behavior in the afternoon when students receive recess before lunch.
  3. Create a positive social climate, by encouraging pleasant mealtime conversations and friendships. Emphasis is on 3 creating an environment where all students, including those with varying abilities, feel welcomed, supported and respected.
  4. Promote healthy eating habits. Students learn about and have opportunities to eat healthy foods and develop healthy eating habits. Food is not used as a reward or punishment and students are not pressured to eat.

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