Principal Support

In order to implement the program, it is essential to obtain the school principal's permission and support. We have found principals to be very interested in this program because the cafeteria tends to be a place where higher incidents of behavioral problems occur leading to office referrals. Most schools, in our experience, do not have organized programs designed to prepare and support cafeteria supervisors and students in creating a positive cafeteria environment.

Action step:

Schedule an appointment to meet with the school principal to obtain permission and support. Before the meeting, give him/her a copy of the Comfortable Cafeteria Information Brief to read so that she/he can become familiar with the program.

During the meeting;

  1. Give a brief review of the Comfortable Cafeteria program;
  2. Summarize your assessment of the cafeteria environment based on the Environmental Scan. Discuss the strengths, needs, and your suggestions for improvement.
  3. Share your plan of action for implementing the program (i.e. targeted grade level and date to begin).
  4. Agree on when to begin the program and plan a date/time for the Orientation for cafeteria supervisors (need ~ 1 hour). The principal will talk with the cafeteria supervisors to ensure they are available and willing to attend the Orientation session.