Week #5: Sensory Input

Theme: Students learn about sensory input in the cafeteria and its influence on how they feel; explore sensory preferences and aversions; and learn to respect sensory differences.

Eating lunch in the cafeteria exposes students and supervisors to a variety of sensory input – the smell of food, the sound of many people talking, the sight of a lot of students in one room, and even the touch associated with handling foods. The focus of Week #5 is learning about sensory input and how it influences how we feel and function. Students reflect on personal likes and dislikes and become aware of respecting differences.


  1. Students learn about the different types of sensory input in the cafeteria (auditory, olfactory/smell, visual, taste, touch) and reflect on their personal reactions.
  2. Cafeteria supervisors learn about the sensory aspects of cafeteria/lunch and learn how to tune-into and respond to students' individual responses.

Bring in: A variety of foods with varying textures and tastes.

Comfortable Cafeteria Week #5 Lesson Plan (download handout)

Handouts/Resources for Supervisors & Teachers:

Handout for students: