Week #6: Healthy Foods

Theme: Students sample healthy fruits and vegetables and discuss why it is important to eat a variety of fresh foods.

Eating lunch in the cafeteria exposes students to foods that may not be available or served at home. It is important for students to be open to trying a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.


  1. Students have an opportunity to taste a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables.
  2. Supervisors learn positive strategies for encouraging students to try healthy foods without being forceful or demanding.
  3. Closure. Celebrate the last Comfortable Cafeteria session; commit to sustainability – keeping a comfortable cafeteria.

Bring in: A variety of fruits and vegetables to sample.

Cafeteria Week #6 Lesson Plan (download handout)

Handouts for Supervisors & Teachers:

Congratulations on completing the Comfortable Cafeteria program! Use the Every Moment Counts Pinterest site to implement a fun activity once per week to remind students about: being a good friend, engaging in enjoyable mealtime conversations, including others, and trying new healthy foods.