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Tier 3: Individualized Mental Health Services

For children and youth with identified mental health challenges

Individualized services (Tier 3) are provided for children and youth with identified mental health disorders that limit participation and functioning throughout the school day. Intervention at this level is often dependent on the specific mental health challenge and a formal diagnosis. In addition to diminishing symptoms at this level, it is critical to also focus on promoting positive mental health. All school personnel under the leadership of professionals with a background in mental health (e.g. school psychologists, social workers, occupational therapy practitioners, school nurses) can embed Tier 3 strategies into everyday school experiences.

Collaboration is key! It is critical that a collaborative approach be adopted because children and youth with mental disorders often receive services from both school and community providers.1

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Tier 3: Remember This! Foster comprehensive mental health literacy
  1. Be knowledgable
  2. Be observant
  3. Make a connection
  4. Foster help-seeking
  5. Promote successful participation