to place or set (something) firmly in something else

Embedded Strategies refers to placing interactions and activities aimed at promoting positive mental health firmly into all aspects of the school day – in the classroom, lunchroom, hallways, restrooms, during recess, and after school. Why? Because every moment counts in a young person's life. Small moments can make big differences in how students feel about themselves, the people around them, and their school.

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10 Moments for Mental Health

(evidence-based MH promotion strategies)

Small moments make big differences in how children and youth feel and function throughout the day! As a mental health promoter, know that 'every moment counts' during your interactions with all children and youth.

Be a mental health promoter! Read about the following 10 mental health promotion ideas and activities and think about how you can embed them into your interactions throughout school day. It may take a little thought as well as getting some of your 'creative' juices flowing, but making a difference in the life of even one young person will be worth your time!

Embedding Moments for Mental Health will also help you take care of your mental health!

Remember this:

Small moments make BIG differences in how children feel and function.

Moments for Mental Health


10 Approaches for Promoting School Mental Health

The following are evidence-based approaches applied in schools for the purpose of mental health promotion, prevention, and intervention. Schools often apply several approaches such as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS). Mental health literacy is an essential part of mental health promotion. A description of each is provided along with implementation examples and key references.

A 2-page summary handout of this content can be downloaded and printed for easy reference here.

Family Mental Health toolkit


Quality family time is important for children's mental health. It involves parental sensitivity and interactive time doing enjoyable activities together. 

All parents want to raise happy and well-adjusted children. The purpose of these information sheets is to educate families about positive mental health and everyday strategies for promoting mental health throughout the day. In studies exploring family needs, parents indicate that they want education on how to support their children’s emotional wellbeing using holistic, strength-based approaches. In addition, parents want ideas for affordable family activities that are health-promoting and that help children cope with stress. Parents have noted that some of their biggest challenges revolve around too much screen time, obesity, lack of physical activity, and not knowing how to help their children process feelings and be mentally healthy.

About the Information Sheets
Content draws on current literature about what parents can do to help their children and family as a unit be mentally healthy. Each information sheet provides an overview of the topic, suggested parent strategies and family activities, user-friendly resources, and references.

5 Family Mental Health Information Sheets (free to download)