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The Comfortable Cafeteria and Refreshing Recess Programs: Promoting Participation and Health During Lunch and Recess


All students have a right to participate in and enjoy lunch and recess. Non-academic times of the school day can be significant contributors to student mental and physical health. When students enjoy lunch and recess, have good friends, and perceive school personnel to be supportive, they feel more connected to school which, in turn, enhances academic performance. The aim of this session is to provide detailed information about how to implement the Comfortable Cafeteria (CC) and Refreshing Recess (RR) programs emphasizing inclusive participation, friendship promotion, mealtime conversations, healthy eating, and active play. The goals of these programs are to: 1) Create positive physical, sensory, and social environments (enough time to eat; pleasant conversations; friendship promotion; enjoyable play activities; friendly supervisors); 2) Build capacity of recess & cafeteria supervisors to do their jobs effectively; and 3) Promote healthy eating and active play habits. Success stories of how related service providers (e.g. OT, PT, school counselors, SLPs) collaborate with relevant school personnel in creative ways to implement these programs in urban, suburban, and rural schools will be described. Information needed to implement the programs is free on the Every Moment Counts website and will be reviewed.

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Disclaimer: The Every Moment Counts webinars are intended for educational purposes only and do not replace independent professional judgment. Implementation results depend on participant’s clinical expertise and commitment to best practice with children/youth and families served. As such, Every Moment Counts, LLC is not responsible for the outcomes or results that you anticipate from learning about and using the information presented. 

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